We, the human players, are only the medium,
The means whereby;
It is the machines which are singing
The song of resonating circuitry.

ANALOGORAK machines:

Frostwave Blue Ringer
Korg MS-10
Macbeth M3X
Nord Micromodular
Roland Juno 6


Neil Dowell
Mike McInerney
Michael Norris

ANALOGORAK events 2008

a Hallowe’en Soundtrack for Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari
with Strange Bedfellows (Andy Manson, Debbie Manson, Philip Robinson, James Smyth and others)
Friday 31st October: Gallery 86, 86 High Street, Crediton

ANALOGORAK events 2007

Wednesday 31st January: University of Plymouth , Faculty of Education Music Department,
Douglas Avenue, Exmouth, Devon

Saturday 24th February: The Breakfast Room , Maltster’s Inn, Tuckenhay, Devon

Semorphonic Orchestra
Sunday 24th June: Western Kings Point, Plymouth, Devon

The ANALOGORAK sessions 2004

6th September – 13th December: Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes. Devon

Visiting Artists

Michael Neil: September 20th

‘Object’: September 27th

Matt Lord: October 4th

Graham Dunne – extended guitar: November 1st

Duncan Chapman – sound artist: November 15th

Pauline Amos – live action: November 29th