Works performed


Neumes and Epigrams (1998)
solo cello

Ocean's Gift (1999) for Jan
Programme note for silent performer

Pronouncements and Ruminations (2000)
solo cello
The Madonna without Mercy (2001)
any solo performer
Solo Performer with Live Sound
Spooky Tamooky (2007)
shakuhachi+ (sound design: Duncan Chapman)
Abyss Transfigured (with Insects) (2009)
piano+ (sound design: Mike McInerney/Michael Neil)

Listening for Lost Voices (2012)
shakuhachi and Morse code transmissions

Ensemble (acoustic)
The Hero (1993)
Six melody-line instruments and bell
Theme and Six Interludes (1993)
String quartet
On, on, it must be so (1997)
four cellos
Mating (1998)
two Bb clarinets
Slow Glass (2000)
Flute, cello, piano
Generative Texts (2001)
Text pieces for improvisers
Interfaces (2001)
3 - 8 performers
CardWeb (2002)
4 - 7 performers
Placing Studies (2003)
4 - 7 performers
On the Constituted Object (2003) for Imogene
2 pianos
Remembered Fragments (2005)
One-page score for oboe, violin and piano
Without Poetic Devices (2005)
String quartet
Ensemble (electro-acoustic)
Music for a Very Large Space (2012)
guitar and effects, shakuhachi, live editing and sound diffusion
Bop Prosody (1993)
Five performance texts for three voices
Mushrooms (2002)
Choir SATB
Conditor Alme (2002)
setting for choir SATB

Solus Aeterna (Sequentia Notkeriana) (2002)
setting for choir SATB

A Still Point of Praise (2004)
Choir SATB
Fall, rain, on this dry earth (1993)
4 performers with pebbles
Space and Rhythm/Earth and Stone (1993)
Pebbles and clay monoflutes, four players
Semorphonic Orchestra Codebook (2007)
Analogue Synth Ensemble
Flying Predator (2009) 
four channel tape for live diffusion (sound editing, Richard Douglas-Green/Mike McInerney)
Four Reading Trance Documents (2002)
Folio of images and acetates
Prima Fuit Rerum Confusa (2006)
Homage to Notker
Performance and calligraphic image
with Stephen Rainbird, voice
Tenderly (2010)
Two pianos and hand-drawn film
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